The Adventures of Prince Ahmed, 1926

The first feature-length animation film in the history of cinema, directed by Lotte Reiniger.

A masterpiece – consists of more than one hundred thousand photos – inspired by the tales of The Arabian Nights.


«When you watch this silent
film with its new music track by
the Khoury Project, it immediately becomes obvious that these two forms of cultural expression were made for each other.» Benoit Basirico


“The music of the Khoury Project has produced a rich and captivating album, which combines various melodies and rhythmical elements, traditional and modern music to follow the chronological order of the story in the film; a wonderful way to re-immerse yourself in the story, even in the absence of images.” – Benoit Basirico


The choice of

france musique

line up

Osama Khoury, qanoûn
Basil Khoury, violin & oriental percussions
Elia Khoury, Oud
Pierrick Menuau, saxophone
Jean-Louis Pommiers, trombone
Gaëtan Nicot, piano
Guillaume Robert, contrabass
Arnaud Lechantre, drums


Composition & arrangements : Osama Khoury

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